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Crantek for Fencing, Woodchipping, and Woodland Management

Our aim is to sympathetically maintain and enhance a productive landscape with the least environmental impact.

Based in Melbourne, Derbyshire in the National Forest, Crantek Forestry started trading in May 2000, building upon 12 years previous experience. Crantek Forestry has built a strong reputation in forestry and rural management for its high quality range of services to customers.

We offer a range of forestry services, including:

Crantek's specialist woodchipper, produces the quality of woodchip suitable for biomass heating systems. Low grade timber and arisings from forestry operations are seasoned and chipped to order, providing a renewable source of energy.

Working with other woodland management companies in the area Crantek Forestry are able to add value to an otherwise waste material, maximising a resource and contributing to long term sustainability. Read more about our woodchipping service and woodchip supply.

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